Rock Candy

 1, 2-  rainbow fluorite and spirit quartz rings by Billy Bride

3- chain drop earrings by Eden

4, 5- quartz ring and agate necklace by Stone & Honey

6- lava cuff by Eden

7- kyanite blade earrings by Dara Ettinger


Apartment Inspiration

I’m looking forward to May 1st because that’s the day the lease on our new apartment begins. Finding a decent place to live in San Francisco is sort of a nightmare , it took us nearly 4 months to find the right spot but I’m so pleased with what we found. We are finally leaving our cramped, noisy, downtown studio for a sunny and (slightly) more spacious studio in quaint Cole Valley.

Naturally, I’ve been perusing a lot of interior design blogs and magazines lately for ideas on how to decorate our new place. Apartment Therapy is a great inspiration source, and I especially love looking at the smaller apartments and studios featured for creative ideas on how to maximize a small space. I came across this tour of a Swedish design student’s small hi-rise flat and I’m totally obsessed. It’s so colorful and quirky, and full of interesting and vintage items. I had to share it here.

See the full tour here!

Photo credit: Apartment Therapy

Mission Cheese

This weekend’s food adventure: check out the newly opened Mission Cheese. I heard about Mission Cheese from the various email newsletters I subscribe to that feature the latest and greatest in SF. A cafe based on really good cheese- I’m there! As soon as I read about it, I texted my fellow cheese-obssessed friend Lorraine and made plans for a Sunday lunch date.

Mission Cheese exceeded my already high expectations (after all, I spent my last summer in France practically living on fine cheese). My boyfriend and I, still full from a late breakfast, decided to share the California platter (pictured below). It was just the right amount of cheese, and was accompanied by bread, salty crackers, and cornichons (essential to any good cheese platter). The only thing that would have made it better was a glass of wine to wash it down with, but sadly they are still working on getting a liquor license. I tasted a bite of my friend’s mac and cheese and it was incredible- fresh, rich, creamy, exactly the way it should be. I never would have ordered it for myself since I tend to associate mac and cheese with that horrible crap that comes out of a box I once had as a kid. The mac and cheese here was so not that.

We finished off the meal with a box of delectable mini cupcakes that I had picked up from Mission Minis. The cinnamon horchata is pictured above.

Mission Cheese, 736 Valencia Street

Mission Minis, 3168 22nd Street

Spring blooms

These colorful little beauties instantly brighten my day.


Friday night we celebrated my dad’s birthday at Ozumo, a trendy and pricey Japanese restaurant right off the Embarcadero. Easily one of the best Japanese restaurants in the city. We had course after course of amazing dishes, from platters of nigiri and rolls, to barbequed pork and beef tongue, and an array of spring inspired sakes. The most memorable part of the meal for me was the dessert which consisted of a thin, juicy slices of pineapple rolled up with some kind of sweet, creamy pineapple filling.  I can’t remember what it was called, and I don’t have a picture of it because we devoured it so fast. I don’t normally care for pineapple, but this was beyond anything I’ve ever tasted and ended the meal on a very high note.

Ozumo, 161 Steuart Street

The Dog Days

No weekend is complete without some quality time with the pup at our favorite dog park, Fort Funston. Normally it’s really cold and foggy so we stay up on the trails, but on warm, sunny days like today we venture down to the beach and let Marley get as dirty as she wants with sand and salt water.

Fort Funston

Saturday Lunch

Reminiscing of warm summer days in Paris, picking up lunch from a boulangerie and picnic-ing in the park. Lunch today consisted of a tomato and feta galette, green bean salad with bacon, and Earl Grey and Pistache macarons.

Patisserie Philippe, 655 Townsend Street